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Business and Residential Phone Service

Welcome to ValoJen Systems.  We  are pleased to provide an affordable and welcomed alternative to the traditional phone services you've grown used to, a comprehensive VoIP phone service through your high-speed internet connection.  The  manner in which communication services are provided is constantly changing. ValoJen Systems has taken a position in the market place that enables us to capitalize on new and innovative strategies. 

We provide Residential and Business plans for local and long distance calling anywhere in the US and Canada  at a price that is a fraction of what most people used to pay for telephone service.   Subscribers may keep  their existing numbers and enjoy big savings with popular features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, Voicemail and  other exciting features at no additional cost.

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Hosted PBX Small Business

ValoJen hosted PBX service offers features, benefits and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) advantages that will totally transform how you operate your small, medium or large business. These include:

  • local and long distance calling service

  • minimal upfront investment and low monthly service fees

  • for companies operating from a single location or satellite offices�including remote and home based employees

  • Works with any high speed Internet

  • Dramatically lowers monthly phone bills with free in-network inter-office calls and unlimited local and FREE incoming minutes!

  • Customizable, easy to use features managed online and by one touch controls on the Virtual Office telephone

  • No on-site equipment is necessary except phones, and all setup and configuration is done via our web portal

  • Or you can Take your PBX phone to your cell phone!!

  • network and system can handle any size business from just a few users to large enterprises with thousands of users distributed across the Internet and world-wide.

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Great Telephone Features from

ValoJen Systems


Caller ID           Three-Way Calling    Call Waiting               Call Waiting With Caller ID         Call Forwarding         Voice Mail         Speed Dial                Call Transfer 

Last Number Redial           Anonymous Call Reject  

E-911       Voicemail to Email                *69

Email Notification, for missed calls



    *   You must have a broadband Ethernet Internet

            connection for each extension or line (we may be

                able to provide you with high speed internet service)


     * You need a U.S. shipping address (no P.O.



    You need a U.S. credit or debit card


     For  information on required equipment for

            additional features see our Frequently Asked


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Discounts and  discounted calls on packages offered applies to unlimited plans only and does not apply to Cell Phones Numbers or to Special

 Services Numbers such as Toll-Free or Caller-Paid Information Services or 900 Numbers, and is limited only to the locations identified in the

 packages and are when offered are valid for Unlimited plans only.  In reference to unlimited minutes, ValoJen Systems adheres to its

 Acceptable Use Policy which residential and business customers are encouraged to take note, as it makes reference to normal, excessive and

 acceptable use of the unlimited minutes.  Unlimited calling and other services are based on normal residential use.  ValoJen Systems 911

 (E911) functions differently from that of the traditional 911 service.  For more information on how ValoJen Systems 911 service works, see  ValoJen Systems phone rates exclude: activation fees, regulatory recovery fees, 911 fees and cost

 recovery, premium services, equipment, taxes, termination, shipping charges, directory assistance or broadband service.  International calls

 are charged per minute.  ValoJen Systems phone rates may vary by region.  Prices are subject to change.  High Speed (broadband) Internet

 connection and a credit card required for ValoJen Systems phone services.  ValoJen Systems VoIP service may not work with all systems. 

 Customer should enquire about ValoJen Systems compatible equipment and systems. Copyright © 2012.  ValoJen Systems, Inc.