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About ValoJen Systems, Inc.


ValoJen Systems, Inc is a nationwide provider of VoIP phone service and High Speed Internet Service.  We are determined to provide you, our valued customer with quality low cost home and business telephone and internet services that would enable you more effectively  manage  your financial resources.  

Our comprehensive VoIP phone service via your high-speed internet connection is enshrined in our desire to provide you with an affordable and welcomed alternative to the traditional phone services you have grown used to. 

At ValoJen Systems, we visualize you as  our valued customers and pledge to do our best to  meet your needs for the rapid technological advances and new innovations that are constantly being implemented in telephone systems in the world.

Our parent company, maintains a customer based business model developed to inform, empower and satisfy the needs for telephone services that are engendered by individuals, small and medium-size businesses.  On that merit, ValoJen Systems offers you much more than just a VoIP or Internet service. With ValoJen Systems, you  get exceptional solutions for voice and data, developed and sustained by our capable technical experts.

Located at 630 E 59th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234, ValoJen Systems is strategically positioned to make a worldwide impact in the provision of VoIP and High Speed Internet services to homes and businesses. We appreciate your choice of ValoJen System to provide you with VoIP capacity to efficiently communicate with those with whom you interact.



         You must have a broadband Ethernet Internet connection for each extension or line (we may be able to provide you with

                   high speed internet service)

You need a U.S. shipping address (no P.O. boxes)

You need a U.S. credit or debit card

For  information on required equipment for additional features see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Discounts and  discounted calls on packages offered applies to unlimited plans only and does not apply to Cell Phones Numbers or to Special

 Services Numbers such as Toll-Free or Caller-Paid Information Services or 900 Numbers, and is limited only to the locations identified in the

 packages and are when offered are valid for Unlimited plans only.  In reference to unlimited minutes, ValoJen Systems adheres to its

 Acceptable Use Policy which residential and business customers are encouraged to take note, as it makes reference to normal, excessive and

 acceptable use of the unlimited minutes.  Unlimited calling and other services are based on normal residential use.  ValoJen Systems 911

 (E911) functions differently from that of the traditional 911 service.  For more information on how ValoJen Systems 911 service works, see  ValoJen Systems phone rates exclude: activation fees, regulatory recovery fees, 911 fees and cost

 recovery, premium services, equipment, taxes, termination, shipping charges, directory assistance or broadband service.  International calls

 are charged per minute.  ValoJen Systems phone rates may vary by region.  Prices are subject to change.  High Speed (broadband) Internet

 connection and a credit card required for ValoJen Systems phone services.  ValoJen Systems VoIP service may not work with all systems. 

 Customer should enquire about ValoJen Systems compatible equipment and systems. Copyright 2012.  ValoJen Systems, Inc.